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Bad guy from robocop
Celebrating Robocop's Action Heroes
Even Officer Lewis's relationship with, and eventual partnership to, Robocop is based on ball-blasting. She was there when Alex J. Murphy, regular cop, ...
10 remarkable things about RoboCop 3
Few genre movies are as perfect as RoboCop. So of course they tried to milk it to death.
Emil M. Antonowsky
RoboCop: Villains
Sept 21: RoboCop
The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Clarence Boddicker
Robocop Ed-209
Robocop (the bad guys)
In Defense of Robocop 2
Ever wondered what the cast and crew of 1987's RoboCop got up to after filming wrapped? Well, wonder no more.
Plexico Gingrich on Twitter: "Robocop bad guy reunion! http://t.co/ptM4orKcb2"
Robocop 2 - Hob does business
This video outlines everything wrong with the original RoboCop even though it's a perfect movie | SYFY WIRE
The Cast of RoboCop (1987)
The villain is hilarious
Robocop 2 - Hob pays cop
Leon Nash
Behind the scenes with Robocop part 1 bad guy: ED 209 (54 Photos)
While Kinnerman is no Peter Weller, he does a solid job as Murphy, managing to capture the fear, anxiety and uncertainty of someone who has had their entire ...
Hugh Laurie wants to be the bad guy in "Robocop"
The perhaps biggest mystery of RoboCop2 is that of the missing villain Catzo (or the Elvis guy as he is known to fans) who suddenly disappears and never get ...
RoboCop 3
EXCLUSIVE: Ed Neumeier Talks 'RoboCop Returns', Teases Augmented Villain and Has A Compelling Argument For Peter Weller's Return
Illinois AG candidate robbed at gunpoint in Chicago during campaign photoshoot
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Nightmare Fuel / RoboCop 2
robocop-bad robot
Clarence Boddicker
Possessed with the theory, perhaps, that all sequels can be made better by putting ninjas in them, RoboCop 3's writers have added in no fewer than three ...
EXCLUSIVE: RoboCop's Nancy Allen on the original's epic cast chemistry, the remake, and Verhoeven vs. Kershner | SYFY WIRE
Deconstructing The Philosophies Of 'RoboCop'
No Interesting/Clear Cut Bad Guys
Jackie Earl Haley provides some cynicism to the mix as the Robo-Phobic Rick Mattox
Hopefully we'll have a much better showdown with RoboCop this time. #RoboCop3
RoboCop Movie Review
Why 'Robocop', 'Total Recall' Villain Ronny Cox Hates Remakes: 'Those Films Hold Up Pretty Damn Well'
Fun facts about Hugh Laurie that you probably already knew: The guy who is the insufferable and kinda dickish Dr. Gregory House—on "House"—is actually ...
I really enjoy that the “bad guy robot” in Robocop, ...
Midway through the film, the bad guys decided they need military-grade weaponry to destroy Robocop, and where else would they turn but Corporate America?
... the bad guys, it's when he's asked his name and, for the first time, is able to say his true name, the one previously buried in the depths of his mind.
RoboCop shooting range, Deja Reviewer
The original Robocop's ED-209 was brought to life using stop-motion animation. It looked pretty good for its time, but it also looked pretty fake.
... good guy-bad guy action and human interest appeal are its main motivating forces. A the end of the day, Verhoeven's reputation remains unchallenged.
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THEN: Peter Weller played Detective Alex Murphy turned RoboCop.
RoboCop 2
Some familiar faces return
RoboCop smiles after saying he's Murphy, Deja Reviewer
Maybe I should take a deep breath and relax. Maybe this all means nothing. If it was just one actor who had appeared in both Robocop and 24, ...
... someone whose Accent is supposed to be non-American. On the right, someone whose name is supposed to be German. Hollywood loves non-American villains.
OK, so yes I reviewed Jose Padilha's Robocop remake favourably, but that doesn't mean that it's any better than the original, just very different.
Joel Kinnaman in RoboCop
Robocop is arguably one of the best movies ever made, if only because it contains an entire scene dedicated to shooting a rapist right in the penis.
Movie Review: RoboCop (1987)
10 reasons why Clarence Boddicker from Robocop is THE best bad guy ever!
Until recently Hugh Laurie was in talks to be the bad guy in Robocop, but a few days ago he had to drop out, leaving producers to scramble to find a ...
Go ahead, creep.
30 years ago, Paul Verhoeven unleashed a violent social satire of the Reagan era, but is it still as relevant today as it was back then?
Robert John Burke As Robocop In Robocop Bad Guy
Bob Morton
RoboCop 2 (1990) download
Captain Marvel and RoboCop share some of the same DNA. Figuratively. Image: Disney/MGM
Hob from robocop. Hob. “
First Pic Of Robot Bad Guy Drone In Robocop Reboot
The much-maligned new black suit actually has a story-based reason: The bad guy chooses the design.
'Robocop' to release in Asia ahead of US
It was relevant to show what evil Boddiker and his gang were capable of and what Christ-like suffering Murphy had to go through to become the metallic ...
EXCLUSIVE: RoboCop's Nancy Allen on the original's epic cast chemistry, the remake, and Verhoeven vs. Kershner | SYFY WIRE
Time to think about the one guy at the end of Robocop who likes it when Robocop shoots a bad guy so much he stands uppic.twitter.com/U70uoubTd8
At first, Clarence Boddicker—ultra bad guy—shoots Murphy's hand off with a shotgun, but the audience only witnesses Murphy's reaction, which I thought was ...
Peter Weller
Orion Pictures / Donna Ward, Getty Images
After learning of his own murder, RoboCop visits the old home and finds it abandoned. He has a few flashes of memories of his wife and son, ...
Robocop is a very bad movie. I remember it well from when I last saw it as a teenager. I have no idea how I saw it, as I was definitely underage, ...